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Anna Conine-Vice President, Administration & Finance

At Design 2 Construct, Anna brings 8 years of administrative experience. Her past successes come from establishing a healthy and open communication style with each executive and knowing how to balance competing priorities between them. She has demonstrated time management skills and adaptability to handle many different challenges and successfully meets deadlines in a diverse environment. Being proactive, intuitive and hard working has proven to gain the trust and respect of the people she works with.

Anna’s creativity for bringing clean, relevant and inspiring writing and graphics to presentations, web content, marketing materials and internal communications is a clear asset. Her organization and attention to detail has served her well when involved in project work. She understands the importance of partnering with others, focusing on set goals and following through to completion.

The diversity of Anna’s experience and knowledge of executive support, technology, accounting, and marketing make for a unique and valuable contribution.


Bachelor’s Degree: Business Management, Cleveland State University