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Construction Processes

Start with a foundation, end with a roof? Sounds simple? Design 2 Construct pushes the limits on projects to deliver an end product in the least amount of time, while maintaining the highest quality and at the lowest cost. Conventional construction sequencing is the driving force behind most project schedules, however our experienced team collaborates on alternative methods to the construction process to ensure our developers receive our absolute best. We do not stop, even during the harsh winter months, our teams and projects stay focused and motivated to continue progress and never let up.

Schedule & Material Procurement

Our aggressive scheduling and planning during preconstruction is the foundation to a project’s success. We issue subcontracts and purchase orders timely, review submittals upon purchasing of scopes, and ensure expedited material procurement to minimize…and ultimately eliminate…delays in the field. Several internal reports are used on every project so no piece of material or equipment falls through the cracks. Long lead items are purchased early and expedited as needed to allow for delivery at the needed time. D2C, our self-performing trades, and subcontractors work overtime and weekends as required by the project schedule to deliver the final product by or before the developer’s expectations.


Cost and time are the two most common aspects of a project that many project teams discuss. Design 2 Construct places an even larger emphasis on quality and quality control in the field. Our operations team prequalifies all new subcontractors and suppliers to ensure they are capable of performing the specified work and can implement the quality expectations of the material standards and project requirements. Prior to any scope of work commencing, each trade participates in a documented pre-construction meeting with our team to guarantee all parties share the same goals and expectations. Prior to any new piece of material or equipment being installed, each trade participates in a documented pre-installation meeting with our team to guarantee all material and equipment is installed per the plans, specifications, submittals, and manufacturer’s requirements. For each material required, we contract an independent third-party testing agency to warrant all work being performed is done so per highest trade practices. Throughout each stage of construction, our experienced field staff completes quality inspections and reports on any issues or discrepancies discovered. During construction, our team also invites material manufacturer representatives to perform field inspections, onsite training, provide certifications and authorize extended warranties for critical pieces of material and equipment to be installed.


Safety is often considered and treated like a third wheel in the construction industry. However, many firms across the world have aggressively and proudly accepted the required safety standards being enforced by authorities such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and even have taken those standards and improved upon them to greatly increase safety on their project sites. Design 2 Construct would be considered one of these firms. Our team takes great pride in completing work days, weeks, and projects with no recordable incidents and with no one enduring the potential tragedy of a jobsite accident. Our field staff performs weekly safety reports and informs upon any hazards that exist and work to alleviate any known hazards immediately. Safety is discussed in each and every pre-construction meeting, pre-installation meeting, weekly progress meeting, daily huddle, and pre-task analysis. D2C also mandates all trades onsite participate in weekly Tool-Box-Talks and provides a site specific safety plan to maintain onsite. We also participate in OSHA and State Department of Labor voluntary safety inspections.

Cost Control

For Design 2 Construct, cost control and risk management is more than simply providing a reasonable budget and estimate at the beginning of the project. During the construction process, our team is continuously seeking and implementing methods to accelerate the schedule which can delivery your project sooner, reducing costs and allowing for your business to take effect. Any change in scope of work is researched, priced, reviewed, and verified through a detailed process to make certain any additional, or reduction, in cost is accurate. Our team also understands that your development can come with great uncertainty and risk, however we work diligently to remove risk, foresee roadblocks early, and communicate with you each and every day to provide you the peace of mind that your best interests are at the forefront of our operations.

Coordination & Communication

Our team emphasizes the importance of constant, clear, concise communication on a daily basis. In order to coordinate all aspects of a successful construction project, clear lines and expectations of communication must be established early in the process, and enforced through completion. During daily administrative huddles, daily field huddles, weekly progress meetings, pre-construction and pre-installation meetings, all parties participate and have a voice which adds to the guarantee of success on a project. Our team will communicate with you on a daily and weekly basis so you have an understanding of where your investment stands at any given moment. You will also receive weekly reports with a brief write-up of status and progress onsite, as well as photographs of the project for your viewing pleasure. Rather than flood your inbox with emails over every item on the project, we invite you to participate on daily huddle calls, weekly progress calls, and onsite progress meetings at your convenience. Our communication will be tailored to your needs and preferences, but is guaranteed to be accurate, detailed, structured, and frequent.



Through years of research, experience, and implementation, Design 2 Construct advances the envelope through our systems and processes of reporting and documenting each and every aspect of our projects. Whether it be regarding daily reports of field operations, safety inspections, quality verifications, progress scheduling, material tracking, or goal tracking, each Design 2 Construct team member maintains precise organization to carry a detailed knowledge of each project, its status and goals, and upholds the systems that guarantees your success on every D2C project.