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Design & planning



D2C was built on a foundation that the design of any project can directly contribute to the success of the project, and the developer. Our experienced and passionate design team is dedicated to not only drawing your ideas, needs, and dreams on paper, but to also ensure the constructability and practicality of the design for the area of the project. We ensure our design of the exterior of the project meets all required local jurisdictional requirements and community desires and regulations, while also creating a focal point in the community to take pride in. Our team has the creative ability to take an existing or desired floor plan and accomplish enhancing the aesthetics, maximizing space, implementing custom finishes, the possibilities are boundless…all while reducing costs, minimizing additional costs, and improving quality.

Budgeting & Process

Whether you are in need of design assistance or have an existing design, our budgeting process provides you with early and accurate pricing from the conceptual stage and maintains that expectation through the issuance of construction documents until completion of construction. Our experienced team is able to review conceptual drawings, make accurate and practical assumptions, create and clarify the proposed scope of work, and provide value engineering solutions, all to ensure the construction documents reflect your desires while maintaining the budget pricing provided in the early stages.

Design Check

Have an existing design? Whether you have an existing and complete design, conceptual drawings, design development drawings, or potential conflicts within your design, our team provides an internal design check that only enhances the success of your project. Outcomes to our design check include: early discovery of constructability issues and associated solutions, value engineering suggestions to reduce cost and improve quality, enhance the design which can improve aesthetics and maximize space, review code compliance with local, state, and federal jurisdictions, and establish sequencing methods to accelerate or streamline the project schedule.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is often referred to as “cost saving” ideas and methods. D2C uses value engineering as an opportunity to not only save costs, but to improve the quality of the project. Value engineering is also often only implemented during the design or estimating phase of a project. D2C implements value engineering practices during all aspects of a project, including the construction and warranty phases. As construction of a project commences and continues, our operations team stresses to all material suppliers, subcontractors, and field trades the importance of continuous value engineering. During weekly progress meetings, our leaders discuss with all team members opportunities to reduce costs, accelerate the schedule, improve the quality of products and installation, and areas of possible improvement to enhance the outcome of the overall project.