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A project’s “Best Value” can only be reached with superior safety performance. Design 2 Construct's safety policy provides safety and incident prevention education and training, and enforcement for all employees, subcontractors, and visitors. Design 2 Construct is also familiar with compliance with the stringent safety measures of OSHA.

Additionally, our Project Manager and Project Superintendent have also received current 30-Hour OSHA safety training and actively contribute to a safe workplace on a continuous basis. Safety violations will not be tolerated. A “Safety First” policy is always Design 2 Construct's standard requirement from initial construction activities, throughout the long term management. Our team will never sacrifice safety for production or profit.

 It is the intent of management and our on-site supervision to provide a safe and healthful working environment including establishment of safe work practices and continued training of our workforce and subcontractor’s employees. Our program has clearly demonstrated a substantial value added in terms of not only reduction of injuries, lost workdays, and the associated costs, but further enhancement of worker involvement in safety programs, partnership and improved management-worker relationship. 

Our Safety Program Includes the Following Highlights:

Voluntary OSHA and Department of Labor site inspections

Project specific site safety plans

Material safety data sheets (MSDS) for every applicable product

Supervisor and employee training programs

Construction equipment and operator training and certifications

Site specific and company new hire orientation

Daily site safety meetings

Site safety surveys and audits

Weekly Tool-Box-Talks for each trade and scope of work

Pre-task analysis prior to any higher hazard scope of work

Daily equipment, tool, and personal protective equipment (PPE) inspections

Internal awards for outstanding safety performance

Mandatory subcontractor participation in safety program

Disciplinary and financial action policies